About us

The Boys and Girls Clubs of El Paso is a community based organization that provides young people with a fun, safe and constructive environment during the “latch-key” hours when they are not at home or school. Our goal is that every young person who comes to Boys & Girls Clubs of El Paso will graduate from high school with a plan for their future. Our “success equation” combines Academic Achievement, Character and Leadership Development, and Healthy Lifestyles education to achieve our mission, which is “to enable young people, especially those that need us most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring, and responsible adults.”

The Boys & Girls Clubs of El Paso is open to all youth ages 6-18 and has a special focus on children and teens from challenging or disadvantaged circumstances. Clubs reach out to children in need, giving them support, guidance and hope for the future. Clubs also keep low fees of $12 .00 a year and do not turn kids away becauseof an inability to pay.